Standard Car Top Sign

Our company offers 2 alternatives for delivery domes: standard or custom. Your choice to opt for a standard form is less expensive because it does not require a development of a custom mold. Among the standard domes we offer you 5 choices with different options. You can adapt your logos or texts to these different choices.



Studies show that our car top sign with the high intensity lighting prove their efficiency by a direct increase in sales through increased visibility on roads especially in the evening. Note that our high intensity lighting system is installed all around: not from the central bulb where the deficient lighting creates shadows or light spots.


Note that if you opt for portable domes they will be provided to you including:

– an FPS security cable (value $ 25)

– a storage bag for car ($ 25 value)

– graphic editing ($ 40 value)

For any information please contact us by the site: or by phone at 819 379-0211 ext. 205